baby development

Monday, May 07, 2007

Your Recommendations Needed Please

I'm looking for your recommendations on two fronts:

1) DVDs that would be good for Cookie
2) Portable DVD player primarily for the car

We're going to Ohio for my birthday (hurray for estate and charity auctions!), and I'm worried about traveling with a toddler!

First, Cookie is almost 17 months old, and fairly advanced. She requires lots of stimulation, and sicne we haven't taken a car trip with her since she was pretty little, I'm wondering how to entertain her.

She doesn't normally watch TV, and when its on seems completely uninterested. Any DVDs would have to be pretty awesome to keep her attention.

Second, we'e never bought a portable DVD player and don't want to buy an el-cheap-o that won't work after 6 months. Nor do I want to spend a lot of money on technology that will totally change in 6 months.

So, if you have any experience with these things - please leave comments so I can go out and buy soon!