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Monday, April 23, 2007

My Child, The Shoe Addict

My daughter loves shoes. (No, this is not an advertisement.) I mean, she REALLY loves shoes. She loves carrying them around, taking them off, and trying to put them back on again. She loves the ones that light up when you walk, and she loves velcro. She loves having LOTS of shoes.

That's my girl!

But I did want to take a minute to tell you about our all-time favorite shoes. Seriously, who among us hasn't struggled in vain to get a pair of shoes on a squirming toddler? And who hasn't watched their poor kid try to walk in clunky shoes?

I LOVE these shoes, folks - this is serious LOVE. They are called Pedipeds, and though they are not cheap, they are so worth it. You can get them in a few specialty stores, or you can just order them through the website.

Cookie has 3 pairs she wears now (blue and white "sneakers", white dress shoes, and the black patent leather dress shoes), and I bought 2 pairs for her to wear in about 6 months once she needs the next size up.

$30 a pair is a lot to spend on kids shoes, but I really do love these. I can get them on her in seconds, and she actually leaves them on, and the soft flexible bottom was fabulous when she started walking. I've washed them - and if you set them out to dry, they really wash up nicely.

If you order through website, you get free shipping if you buy 2 or more pairs.

OK, so now that I've gone off on this little shopping tangent...

What are your favorite baby or toddler products or gear? I want to know!

(Really, what else do I need to shop for while I'm supposed to be working?)