baby development

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Silly Cookie

Cookie was 15 months old on the 20th, so I figured I'd post here some of the funnier (or just plain cool) things she does.

She takes our keys and runs to the front door and tries to put one (or more) keys into the doorknob - then turns around and says "Bye bye" or "Byyyeeeeee" over and over again.

She loves being naughty, and if she is caught being naughty, she does whatever she is doing with rapid-fire pace and much gusto and laughter until you come and sweep her up and away from the scene of the crime (like splashing in the cat's water bowl, or pulling the TP off the roll).

She loves reading books, and every night after bathtime, she goes over to the bookcase in our bedroom where her books are kept, and she "selects" a few by then coming over and throwing them onto our bed. When she has "selected" enough, she puts her arms up to be picked up for story time. If said book is not as scintilating and she thought it might have been, she'll wriggle down off the bed and go get a different book. This process can go on for a long time every night until her father or I have to cut off story time.

She has a few favorite books like "Hello Peter Rabbit" and Baby Animals - all of which are touch-and-feel books, as well as a few other books with pictures of real animals. Her favorite animals are the cow and the duck. At the cow picture, she will say "Moooooo", but not "cow", and she can correctly identify "duck", but not the sound yet. Mooing at the picture of the cow seems to bring her much joy.

Speaking of joy, Cookie has a new word. When she gets REALLY excited about something she or someone/something else does that amazes her, she proclaims loudly…“Ohwowyay” – all one word – but clearly a combination of OH! WOW! YAY! But it comes out as “Ohwowyay” every single time. I, of course, think it is the coolest word ever.

Some words that she knows very, very well are mama and dada (or Da-Doo, depending on her mood), cat or kittty-kitty (also depending on her mood), dog, duck, bah-baah (basketball), baby, ball, bah-bah, hi, bye-bye, night-night, uh-oh, and "ohwowyay". She has also recently learned "no-no" which she only says when she does something wrong - like when I had told her not to put something in her mouth and she then did it quickly and shook her head back and forth and said "no-no" (grinning the entire time, of course).

The body part she loves the most is "belly button" - which she will gladly point to (and stick her finger in) if you ask her "Where's Cookie's belly button?"

If you ask her to do something, she will invariably do it with a great deal of understanding. For example, if she drops her sippy cup, I can say "Cookie, pick up your cup please" and she'll stop and go back and pick it up and bring it to me. I can also ask her to bring me something or come over to me, and she'll understand and comply.

When she gets very excited (which is often) she stomps her feet and flaps her arms and looks like she is about to take off in flight. She's got a fabulous grin, and all 4 molars now, and facial expressions that are over-the-top on the dramatic scale.

She's got a great sense of humor, and loves to play peek-a-boo with the shower curtain or anything else she can find. She plays basketball with her daddy, and he picks her up so she can "dunk" the ball (she prefers the huge full-size basketball to her little ones).

She eats anything - and doesn't pass up food very often. She loves yogurt, ham, turkey, all kinds of cheese, crackers, spaghetti, rice, all kinds of veggies (especially brocolli), and would fight you for your Chinese food.

Any box or package that comes to the house is HERS - by her own definition. SHE gets to open it and then deem it worthy or unworthy of her attention (even if it is clearly something for Michael or I like a book or CD, or organic sunflower seeds. The box is usually way more cool than the contents.

At her doctor visit last week, she was just over 30 inches tall, and a little over 24 pounds. She's right at the 50th percentile, so she's doing great. So far, ear infections are the most dreadful thing we've had to deal with health-wise, so we really can't complain.

15 months *deep sigh*

I can't believe it's gone so quickly.

She loves with great passion and enthusiasm, and acts just like her mommy and daddy.

Just the the other day, I was talking to Michael and pretending to choke someone, and she saw me do that and laughed and made the exact same gesture.

And THIS is just the beginning.