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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Closing Down This Blog - Please Read

Faithful readers and internet friends,
For reasons I won't blog about here, I'm closing down this blog and starting a new one immediately. To follow me there, please send me an email telling me who you are to:
pre-midlifecrisis at the the email that is hot. I will email you with the web address. I love you all. Please email soon!

Test 3

It is 7:50 on Thursday, May 17th, 2007 - I am going to set this post to post at 9:03pm

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


test post

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Cookie is now eating with a fork and spoon…and INSISTING that she be allowed to stab at everything on her plate (and yours) HERSELF. If you cut anything up for her and try to feed it to her, there WILL be a price to pay that will not be pretty (but rest assured – it will be inventive).

Last night, she was hollering throughout dinner for various reasons (exhaustion, ear ache, etc.) but desperately wanted MY mashed potatoes. She begrudgingly let me feed them to her with my fork, but then got so desperate for a utensil that she took a Cheese-it cracker and used it as a tiny "spork" with which to scoop up mashed potatoes off of my plate and into her mouth. Of course, she would suck the mashed potatoes off the Cheese-it and then go right back in to scoop up more potatoes with the saliva-covered cracker. Eventually, of course, said Cheese-it would disintegrate into my mashed potatoes, causing her to simply grab a fresh one and start thee process over again.

She managed to convince me to give her a fork and allow her to stab at pieces of broccoli and small pieces of steak I had purposefully cut up into tiny pieces and left off to the side of my plate.

This morning at daycare, Michael took her in and she waved to the little girl she smacked the other day (leading Michael to believe that Cookie was merely saying “That’s right – stay clear of my daddy and you’ll have no trouble.”) She then sat right down at the table where breakfast was being served and started diving a bowl of orange pieces and eating Rice Krispies WITH A SPOON. They put just enough milk on them to get them nice and soggy – then the kids get to go at it….WITHOUT A BIB!

Apparently she is quite skilled at daycare – and lets us believe at home that she is a food-thrower. Uh-huh. I see you laughing – you can stop now.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here's My Sign...

You know you have a toddler when your Amazon & Half*com wish lists USED to (and still do) list "The Multi-Orgasmic Couple" and NOW list "Elmo's World" DVDs and "The Very Hungry Catterpillar" *sigh*

Monday, May 07, 2007

Your Recommendations Needed Please

I'm looking for your recommendations on two fronts:

1) DVDs that would be good for Cookie
2) Portable DVD player primarily for the car

We're going to Ohio for my birthday (hurray for estate and charity auctions!), and I'm worried about traveling with a toddler!

First, Cookie is almost 17 months old, and fairly advanced. She requires lots of stimulation, and sicne we haven't taken a car trip with her since she was pretty little, I'm wondering how to entertain her.

She doesn't normally watch TV, and when its on seems completely uninterested. Any DVDs would have to be pretty awesome to keep her attention.

Second, we'e never bought a portable DVD player and don't want to buy an el-cheap-o that won't work after 6 months. Nor do I want to spend a lot of money on technology that will totally change in 6 months.

So, if you have any experience with these things - please leave comments so I can go out and buy soon!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Proof I am a Pimp

There now exists evidence that I would make a good thief. OK, a very small amount of evidence that I would make a decent shoplifter. OK, I would suck, but that is not the point. The point is this:

Cookie's Auntie June sent her an enormous box of clothes - all beautiful and all for summer. Well, it's now in the upper 70s and muggy here, so Cookie's been wearing them one outfit at a time, and I came to the last of the outfits, and lo and behold...

a security ink tag still attached!!!

Dang it.

I didn't want to tell Auntie June because she would feel bad, and she lives in FL, and it wouldn't be worth the postage and gas back and forth, and I didn't even know where she had bought it.

So, I googled it. God bless google.

I came across threaded discussions on the topic ranging from power tools to magnets. I had even brought the outfit in to work in hopes that a co-worker with kids, or a co-worker who had worked in retail would have a secret. The only idea said co-worker had was to freeze it and then use pliers. Yikes. I pictured flying glass shards and ink all over the place.

Then I saw a cool idea:

Take a large think rubber band (the kind mail carriers use to bundle packages) (hey, I have a bunch on my desk) and wrap it tightly around the pin holding the two halves together. Slowly wind and twist the rubber band tightly around the pin, and you'll see the halves gradually move apart. When the rubber band is all the way around and you can't wrap anymore, slowly and carefully twist the rectangular flat piece (the one without the ink in it). You'll hear snapping. Pull out slowly and gently and you'll keep hearing popping, and then - wha-la - it pops off - no ink, no glass - just two complete halves of a security tag successfully removed.

I am a pimp. I even had to show co-workers my skill.

I even had to take a picture of it, so you would believe me.

And, oh yeah, I did it over an empty trash can "just in case". And, yeah, I was scared. :)

My daughter and I are both gangsta.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Rumble in the Daycare

When Michael went to pick up Cookie at daycare, another little girl ran up to him with her arms outstretched - it happens a lot – the other little girls in her class think Michael is very, very cool – and they want to run up and hug him – Michael does not know why this is…

Anyhow, Cookie saw this little girl running up to Michael - her daddy – and Cookie WACKED HER in the face and pushed her away from HER DADDY.

Michael said he had a “firm talk” with her in the moment about NOT HITTING.

BUT he said it was HILARIOUS because she really wacked the girl in the head good and was CLEARLY jealous. The other girl, he said, looked shocked, but did not cry. Michael checked to make sure she was OK, and she was fine (albeit startled).

Um, yeah – no siblings for now I guess.

My child is a daycare thug/gangsta. :)