baby development

Monday, April 30, 2007

Fur Can Also Be a Girl's Best Friend

When I was about 13, I begged my parents to buy me a fur coat. Nevermind the fact that we lived on the east coast of Florida - I wanted a fur coat. So one day I got that fur coat - a solid white rabbit fur - came a bit below the waist with pockets and a white leather belt. Oh my did I love that coat. I loved it so much, that I still have that fur coat in spite of the fact that I was a size 8 when I got it, and am now a size 18. I just can't bear to part with that coat.

And along came my daughter.

Last night after her bath, Cookie was roaming around the master bedroom wearing nothing but a diaper and happened to wander into the closet. She had been eyeing the fur coat that had been hanging there waiting for me to get the guts to sell it. Well, apparently temptation was too great, and Cookie reached up and snatched the fur coat and ran away with it to the other side of the bedroom. It was bed time and while she usually gets a sippy cup of highly watered-down juice and a woobie of some sort to hold - all she wanted last night was the coat. So, I let her crawl up into the bed, pop her paci into her mouth, and wrap her naked body in white rabbit fur. The look on her face said it all. She was in heaven. Her little fingers worked the fur on one side and the silky lining on the other. She rubbed the fur against her smooth belly and closed her eyes. Life was - at that moment - perfect.

And, no, I did not take the fur away. She slept with the fur. I waited too long for her to care more about a coat than about her enjoyment of it.

On the less-cute side of life, Cookie's latest thing is to say "Mom-MEEEE" over and over and over again, in rapid fire...ALL THE TIME and most of the time in a not-so-cute whiny voice. I did not think the name Mommy would become annoying this quickly. WHY can't it be "Dad-DEE"???